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DE-CIX India: Operated by world’s largest Internet Exchange

DE-CIX India serves as a prominent regional hub for Internet peering and interconnection, facilitating connectivity between major Indian and international networks. With a carrier and datacenter-neutral approach, DE-CIX India operates Internet Exchange Points in key Indian cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

By effectively interconnecting numerous Internet service providers (ISPs), content delivery networks (CDNs), over-the-top (OTT) players, DNS root servers, national and international telco networks, as well as social media networks, DE-CIX India plays a crucial role in enabling Indian networks to maintain local internet traffic.

DE-CIX India's neutral Internet Exchanges are constructed on fully redundant MPLS switching networks, utilizing carrier-grade Juniper equipment. These exchanges are strategically located within top-tier Internet datacenters including Bharti Airtel Datacenters (Nxtra Data), Netmagic Solutions (NTT), ST Telemedia, GPX Global Systems, Web Werks India, among others.

DE-CIX India derives its strength from the esteemed legacy of DE-CIX Frankfurt, a renowned operator of the world's largest Internet Exchange boasting an exceptional data capacity of 19.57 terabits per second. This invaluable expertise is seamlessly integrated into DE-CIX India's operations, ensuring the delivery of robust, resilient, redundant, reliable, and secure services.

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Peering Services

Peering is a process by which two Internet networks connect and exchange traffic.

DirectCLOUD Services

DirectCLOUD is a dedicated connection between a network or enterprise and a cloud service provider


Get an SLA-backed, DDoS-free direct connection to Microsoft 365.

Why DE-CIX India?
DE-CIX India: India’s Largest Interconnection PLatform

Robust Speed

An internet speed is based on the amount of time your internet connection can download and upload data with DE-CIX best-in-class Service make us the number one choice for Interconnection in the Country for robust speed, greater accessibility, resilient and secure network.

Improved Latencies

DE-CIX India offers secure Internet Peering solutions to networks. With improved latency,bootstrapped speed, access to local Peer to Peer traffic and reduced transit costs could be a game changer for networks.

Access to 61+ CDNs

Interconnection Platform like DE-CIX enables the interconnected Data Centers ecosystem, which helps to provide better accessibility and makes it easier for local providers to access the data easily.

Resilient Network

DE-CIX India is known for its Resilient Network. With DE-CIXs Best-in-Class Service, you can benefit from the DE-CIX Apollon technology and deliver highly Secure, Stable and Resilient connectivity to your customers.

DE-CIX Milestones

DE-CIX Mumbai, APAC’s No.1 Internet Exchange
(By peering DB)


1st Internet Exchange to implement IRRDB Filtering


Brand of the year 2021 (By Global Hues)


10 Fastest Growing company 2022
(By The Inner Review Magazine)


Cloud Innovator (FY 2021)


Fastest growing Interconnection Platform
(By Global Achievers award 2021)

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    DE-CIX offers peering on the most advance layer 2 Switching platforms in the industry.

    Peer instantly with hundreds of networks via the DE-CIX route Servers

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    This is Protoact Digital’s 4th year engaged in the DE-CIX India Interconnection Platform from a 1G port at DC to a 5G port, with an additional 3G port. We appreciate DE-CIX’s services and their mentorship in expanding our business.

    Amit Kumar Sinha (Director)
    Protoact Digital Network Pvt. Ltd.

    Our Company, CATLA IT & Engineering, has been working with DE-CIX India for over 14 months. We were always delighted with the services we received from them, be it in Sales, Tech, or Billing.
    Thanks to their support and guidance, we are already in the process of upgrading, which will be completed soon. We look forward to many more years with them

    Deep Singh (Director)
    CATLA IT & ENGG. Co. Pvt. Ltd.

    Thanks for your good service, which helped me to grow my business very smoothly. No downtime and prompt service from your support team as well.

    I hope you will also provide this kind of service in the future.

    We team Allianza and Haash always associated with DE-CIX India

    Ravindra Kute (Director)
    Allianza Infoway

    We Bhomika Networks were initially connected to DE-CIX and are delighted to reconnect with them for their Premium Interconnection Services. We have seen advancements in DE-CIX Infrastructure and Support Services. They have been a dependable and secure source of support for us, and we hope to see similar growth in the coming years.

    We would like to thank Mr. Vaibhav Bonde for assisting us in gaining trust and confidence in the most Robust and Stable Services, as well as for the smooth handling of all account activities

    Shailendra Singh Rajput (Director)
    Bhomika Network Pvt Ltd

    We have been connected to DE-CIX India for three years, starting with a 16 port and eventually upgrading to a 10G port

    It was incredible that the team was able to meet our needs during such a difficult time of the pandemic.

    We would like to thank the DE-CIX India team for their prompt assistance as well as Mr. Vaibhav for always being there to assist my team.

    Ganesh Wakode (Director)
    Antarjal Communication

    Our company has been connected with DE-CIX for over two years. We began peering services with a 1G port and later upgraded to a 13G port. It was not only stable services that the DE-CIX team gave us, but they also helped us when we needed to upgrade our ports quickly.

    We are thankful to Mr. Vaibhav and his team for their

    help to stabilizing the service.

    Joydeep Kar (Solution Architect)
    Microtalk Communication

    We started with a 1G port and, within a short span of time, have expanded to a 5G port. We are grateful for DE-CIX’s assistance in all areas, and we are impressed by the stability of their services.

    We would like to thank our account manager, Mr. Vaibhav Bonde, and the rest of the support team for their hard work in ensuring that the services are consistently of high quality.

    Harish Ranjan (Director)
    Nandbalaji Connecting Zone Pvt. Ltd.

    Our SDH network began with a 1G port in DE-CIX Delhi and was quickly upgraded to a 3G port after observing the benefits of the services. In just five months, we have again upgraded to a 5G port, which is currently being installed.

    We appreciate the kind of services and support that Miss. Twinkle Kesarwani-RM and the DE-CIX India team provided to us, and it also helped us in providing a fantastic customer experience.

    Mr. Abdur Rahman (Sr.Eng)
    Network and Command Center operations

    We have seen DE-CIX India expand rapidly, and we are grateful that the team was able to handle our request for urgent upgrade activities in just one day.

    We have been in contact with DE-CIX since May 21 and intend to continue doing so. We were pleased with the services provided by DE-CIX India, so we upgraded from 3G to 5G in May 2022. Our 10G ports are currently getting upgraded.

    I am confident they will maintain the same level of service in the future.

    We would like to thank Mr. Samadhan Avhad and the DE-CIX team

    for their assistance in stabilizing the service.

    Mr. Rohtash Chauhan (Director)
    Micronet Gigafiber Pvt Ltd

    We have been a DE-CIX India customer since 2019, when we upgraded from 16 to 2G with the assistance from DE CIX Peering Experts and Direct Connectivity guidance, which allowed us to complete the upgrade in a Single Day with minimal network disruption.

    We appreciate Mr. Samadhan Avhad and the DE-CIX India team for the outstanding performance and excellent services they have provided us

    Nehul Patel (Director)
    Help & FAQ
    Frequently Asked Question

    DE-CIX India Internet Exchange is high-performance, high-availability, physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISPs) and Content Networks exchange Internet traffic between their networks. At DE-CIX India we facilitate open peering with all the members, which will help your network to connect to other Content providers and ISP’s. DE-CIX India started as Mumbai Convergence Hub (Mumbai CH) ON 15 August 2014 as of now is India's Largest Internet Exchange & Open Peering Hub. DE-CIX India run Carrier and Datacenter Neutral Internet Exchanges in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata & in Chennai.

    DirectCLOUD helps you to connect with multiple cloud service providers via single access. It is protected against DDoS attacks, has guaranteed SLAs and stable packet routes and you will be getting exclusive bandwidth to your own services in the cloud.

    Latency will be calculated as your P2P latency from your location to our location & 1-2ms at our end.

    In Telecommunications, Interconnection is interconnection is a physical link between a carrier’s network and a data center, or a carrier or an ISP and their customers, or between multiple carriers, data centers, ISPs, enterprises etc

    Apply for DE-CIX India Membership and Sign Agreement. Membership & Cross connect payment in advance. Order p2p and Cross-Connect. Establish BGP with DE-CIX India route server. Create Rules and Filters

    Timelines are dependent on your Point to Point/ National Long Distance connectivity. Expected timeline for P2P connectivity is considered as 2-3 weeks and Cross-Connect could be completed in 2-4 days, DE-CIX India's configuration generally takes 1-2 days. the P2P & Cross-connect timelines vary for Telco's & Datacenters.